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Samosa (2 Pcs)$8.90
Crispy pastry filled with potatoes & peas spiced with fresh ginger. fenugreek and coriander seeds

Vegetable Pakoras (4 Pcs)$7.90
Potatoes, cauliflower, onions, spinach mixed in gram and rice flour with fresh herbs and traditional spices. Deep fried and served with tamarind sauce

Palak Chaat$9.90
Spinach leafs coated with gram flour batter, deep fried and then topped with chick peas, potatoes, sweet yoghurt and date and tamarind sauce.

Adraki Panner$14.00
Cottage cheese tossed with ginger and onion sauce, finished with spring onion.

Tandoori Chicken$14.90
1/2 fresh spring chicken, seasoned, marinated overnight in yoghurt, herbs & spices then cooked in clay oven (tandoor)

Seekh Kebab (4 Pcs)$13.90
Finely minced mixed with traditional spices, fresh green herbs then bar-be-qued gently in tandoor. Served with mint sauce and salad.

Amritsari Fish$16.90
Diced ling fish coated with gram flour, traditional spices and herbs. Deep fried and served with mint sauce and salad.

Onion Bhaji (4 Pcs)$7.90
Onions dipped in split pea batter & gently fried until golden brown

Aloo Tikki Chaat (2 pcs)$9.90
Mashed potatoes mixed with light spices and herbs deep fried and topped with boiled chickpeas, boiled potatoes ,yoghurt and tamarind sauce.

Samosa Chaat$13.90
Deep fried samosas and then topped with chick peas, tomato, onion, potatoes, sweet yoghurt, date and tamarind sauce.

Chicken Tikka (4 Pcs)$14.90
Boneless tender chicken pieces marinated overnight & cooked in tandoor

Adraki Lamb Cutlets (4 Pcs)$25.90
Lamb cutlets marinated in ginger-garlic, yoghurt, light traditional spices and herbs. Kept overnight then bar-be-qued gently in tandoor. Served with mint sauce and salad.

Nawabi Prawns$19.90
Tiger prawns marinated in ginger-garlic, yoghurt, traditional spices and fresh herbs. Bar-be-qued gently in tandoor and served with mint sauce and salad.

Our Selection for two or more

Mixed Vegetable Platter for 2$16.90
Samosa, Onion Bhaji and Vegetable Pakoras

Tandoori Platter for 2$30.90
Chicken Tikka, Adraki Lamb Cutlet, Lamb Seekh Kebab & Nawab Prawns

Mixed platter for 2$27.90
Samosa, Vegetable Pakoras, Chicken Tikka, Adraki Lamb Cutlet


Butter Chicken$17.90
Chicken pieces cooked in tandoor, spiced in a rich tomato and cashewnut sauce

Mango Chicken$17.90
Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a creamy mango sauce

Kadahi Chicken$17.90
Pieces of chicken cooked with Capsicum, onion, tomatoes and finished with fresh coriander

Chicken Korma$17.90
Chicken pieces cooked in a mild creamy cashewnut sauce

Chicken Vindaloo (Medium)$17.90
Hot and spicy chicken curry

Chettinad Chicken (Medium)$17.90
An authentic South-Indian pepper hot chicken tossed in gravy with fresh curry leaves & mustard.

Lemon Pepper Chicken$17.90
Boneless chicken cooked to perfection in a chef’s special creamy textured sauce with a hint of freshly crushed black pepper

Chicken Saag$17.90
Chicken cooked with spinach, cream, methi leaves & fenugreek

Chicken Tikka Masala$17.90
Tandoori chicken pieces cooked with capsicum, onion, tomatoes & finished with freash coriander.

Chicken Madras (Medium)$17.90
Chicken cooked in spicy coconut sauce

Chilli Chicken (Medium)$17.90
Tender slices of chicken stir fried with onions, capsicum and chilli.


Beef Korma$17.90
Tender Beef cubes cooked in a mild creamy cashewnut sauce

Beef Vindaloo (Medium)$17.90
Hot & spicy beef curry in vindaloo sauce

Kadahi Beef$17.90
Pieces of beef cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes & finished with fresh coriander

Beef N Garlic Potatoes$17.90
Traditional beef curry served with the topping of salted garlic potatoes

Beef Madras ( Medium)$17.90
Beef cooked in spicy coconut sauce

Beef Do Piaza ( Medium)$17.90
Beef curry cooked with an abundance of onions.


Rogan Josh$19.90
Tender pieces of boneless lamb cooked in traditional Kashmiri spices, saffron & fresh coriander

Lamb Korma$19.90
Tender lamb cubes cooked in creamy cashewnut sauce, garnished with nuts

Bhuna Lamb$19.90
Hot and spicy lamb cooked with capsicum, onion and tomatoes.

Lamb Saag$19.90
Lamb cooked in spinach, cream, fenugreek and spices

Goat Masala (Medium)$19.90
Goat prepared in special sauce & spices and top with coriander.

Pudina Lamb$19.90
Diced Lamb cooked with fresh mint in onion and tomato based sauce, finished with fresh tomatoes and ginger.

Kadahi Lamb$19.90
Pieces of lamb cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes and finished with fresh coriander

Lamb Vindaloo (Medium)$19.90
Lamb cubes cooked in hot & spicy vindaloo sauce

Lamb Madras (Medium)$19.90
Lamb cooked in spicy coconut sauce


Fish Korma$22.90
Tender fish cubes cooked in a mild creamy cashewnut sauce

Goa Fish Curry$22.90
Fish fillets cooked in a spicy curry sauce finished with a touch of coconut cream.

Prawn Malai$25.90
Prawns cooked in a creamy coconut & cashewnut sauce on a slow fire

Chilli Prawns (Medium)$25.90
Prawns cooked with green chillies, capsicum, onion & tomatoes

Fish Vindaloo$22.90
Tender fish cubes cooked in hot and spicy vindaloo sauce.

Prawn Vindaloo$25.90
Prawn cooked in hot and spicy vindaloo sauce. An all time favourite.

Saag Prawns$25.90
Prawns cooked in fresh spinach


Goan Pork Vindaloo$17.90
Traditional pork vindaloo cooked to perfection on slow fire

Diced pork cooked in onion and tomato based gravy with fresh and traditional herbs, finished with pedals of onions and tomatoes.


Yellow Dal$13.90
Split peas cooked on slow fire with spices

Mixed Vegetables$15.90
Seasonal fresh vegetables cooked with cumin seeds in onion and tomato based gravy, finished with fresh coriander and ginger

Malai Kofta$15.90
Home made cottage cheese with mashed potato, deep fried and cooked with Chef’s special sauce

Aloo Matter$15.90
Peas and Potatoes cooked in a fresh curry sauce.

Chilli Paneer$16.90
Home made cottage cheese stir fried with onion capsicum and chilli.

Chana Masala$15.90
Chickpeas cooked with blend of selected spices North Indian style, garnished with fresh coriander.

Paneer Lababdar$15.90
Cottage cheese cubes cooked in rich gravy of onions, tomatoes and cashews, flavoured with cardmom powder, and finished with pedal of onions and coriander

Fresh okra cuts cooked home made style and finished with fresh ginger.

Dal Makhani$13.90
Black lentils & kidney beans cooked on slow fire overnight, finished with hint of cream

Baingan Dam Dar (Egg Plant)$15.90
Egg plant, potatoes tossed with onion masala sauce & tomatoes, finished with fresh coriander

Vegetable Korma$15.90
Seasonal mixed vegetables in cashewnut creamy sauce

Palak Paneer$16.90
Fresh leafy spinach with home made cottage cheese

Butter Paneer$16.90
Home made cottage cheese spiced in rich tomato and cashewnut sauce.


Saffron RiceSmall: $2.50 Large: $3.50

Chicken, Lamb or Beef Biryani$18.90
Biryani rice cooked with spices, dry nuts & fresh coriander

Vegetable Biryani$14.90

Prawn Biryani$25.90
Biryani rice cooked with spices, dry nuts & fresh coriander

Side Dishes


Cucumber and Yoghurt$3.20

Mango Chutney$3.20

Chilli Pickles$3.20

Garlic Pickles$3.20

Mixed Pickles$3.20

Tomato and Onion$3.20

Mint Sauce$3.20

Lime Pickles$3.20

Tandoori Breads

Wholemeal bread from our clay oven

Butter Naan$4.50
Flaky bread made with plain flour, with a layer of butter

Garlic Naan$3.50
Fresh garlic spread on naan bread

Cheese Naan$6.50
Naan bread stuffed with home made cheese

Peshwari Naan$7.50
Naan stuffed with sultanas, cashewnuts and coconut

Tandoori Lachha Parantha$4.50
Wholemeal flour with butter, baked in tandoor

Plain Naan$3.00
Plain flour bread topped with butter

Keema Naan$6.50
Naan bread stuffed with minced meat

Cheese & Garlic Naan$7.00
Garlic naan stuffed with cheese

Cheese & Spinach Naan$7.50
Spinach stuffed with cheese naan

* South Indian dosa only available on Sunday Monday and Tuesday. All Served with sambhar and coconut chutney